Dakiom stabilizers vs Bybee purifiers.

can someone in laymans terms tell me the difference between Bybee purifers and dakiom stabilizers?
I did this exact comparison. I tried the Bybee speaker purifiers, the Bybee RCA bullets, and the Dakiom stabilizers. I owned them all at the same time.

The Bybees let all the music flow with extreme clarity, whereas in my system the Dakiom stabilizers rolled off the top end and collapsed the soundstage. While the effects of the Bybees are cumulative, I felt one set of them, either on the interconnects or speakers, was enough.
May i ask what are the components of your system?
When I tried the Bybees and Dakiom stabilizers, my equipment consisted of: Empirical Audio modified Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP, First Sound Presence Deluxe II, Bryston 14B SST, Audience Au24 interconnects, MAS Signature speaker cabling. I do not recall what power cords or power conditioning I was using at the time.
I tried the newest version of the Dakiom stabilizers and did not like the effect. They made everything muffled. The Bybee quantum purifiers I hooked up to my power conditioner and they helped slightly with my old power cable, which was hooked up to my amp, by removing some background grunge. With my new power cable they muffled the detail a bit. So, in conclusion, I would not bother with either one but instead concentrate on upgrading your power and interconnect cables; I have gone with Signal Cable Silver Resolution cables and enjoy their performance and price.
I already have the dakiom stabilizers connected to my power amp and to the outputs of my pre-pro and it sounds good. But someone once said that good is the enemy of better or best.
I was reading where someone had the same b&w 801 series 80's speakers I have and he said he greatly improved the sound by adding the bybees.
I am scheduled to get the purifiers for my front in a couple of days. I will let you know how they sound.
thanks for your response
I am using a good number of Bybee purifiers and the second generation Dakioms and the results are great. I have a modified Jolida 1000 amp with four Bybee purifiers-two on the input side for the intergrated pre-amp and two on the output from the amp side. In addition I have bybees per electrostatic speaker. The addition of the Dakioms has added more clarity to the details of the music. I am hearing the surrounding instruments more clearly than I had before. In other words the focus is not just on the featured performer, I am getting more of a perception of a group of musicians. There is nothing muffled about what I am hearing. The sound is crystal clear. The bass lines have become more focused - and that is the correct way to describe it. It is not an over emphasis, it just appears closer to the experience of the real thing. I orginally saw the Dakiom ads and dismissed them as more audio BS. However, I read a review by an engineer that was pretty balanced so I decided to give it a try and I thought that I would probably wind up returning the product. However, I have been pleasently surprised. I have to say to anyone that is interested that the product is very much system dependant. It is not possible for it to work for all the varied audio designs. It is a hit or miss. I was fortunate because it works well with my system.
i had bybee purifiers connected to my fronts and immediately i heard instruments in the background that came forward in the soundstage. i temporarily removed the dakioms from my fronts so i could check out the bybees by themselves.
after a break in period I will re-add the dakioms because I was told that they were two diffeent technologies. one should not defeat what the other was designed to do.
i will enjoy this moment until the next upgrade bug hit
Samuelvelma - anything new to report on the bybees?
i have dakiom stabilizers on my yamaha rxv1 used as a pre-pro and they are connected to each speaker terminal of my Earthquake cinenova 5 channel amp. i also have bybees connected to the positive terminal of my B&w 801's.
i have been visiting a local high end audio video store listening to my cd's on their equipment. so far my system sounds just as good and sometimes even better than equipment costing thousands of dollars more.
i am getting ready to have my pioneer elite dv37 modifed starting with bybees in the power cord.
the combination of the dakioms and the bybees have worked well for me.
I had the acceptable short speaker wire to amp set up. I then re-arranged my room,and needed to use 8 times as much speaker wire.I went with an inferior grade name brand that I had left over from a home theatre set up,that didn't cost a quarter of my reference 1 metre wire.Guess what? I am hearing all the things that are being described when Bybee or Dakioms are put into a system.Could short speaker wires be detrimental to good sound?Hence the need to use some kind of buffering system?The longer ,cheaper wire wins in better detail retrieval and musicality.I would love to try a long length of quality cable and see if this is even more of an improvement.Anyone have any similar epiphanies?Maybe better sound with longer speaker wire is just a fluke, but it makes the sound of my Classe mono blocks driving my CLS11Z more enjoyable.
I have had better success with the DakiOm stabilizers than the ByBee RCA Slipstreams. The soundstage shrank, there was a hard edge around the music, as well as a loss of musical synergy, with the ByBees. With the DakiOms, the music was more open, synergistic and involving.

I returned my ByBees to CryoTweaks with the comment that they made the music sound edgy. The owner agreed that for analogue applications, the ByBees were earning mixed reviews, and that the Slipstreams fared better in digital applications. In all fairness, I have not auditioned the ByBees in a purely digital domain.

I'd also spoken with Rick Schultz at EVS--a very gifted and candid circuit designer, who said that, in his opinion, using ByBees in the AC path only degraded the music.

For the money, and for the degree and consistency of improvement, I prefer the DakiOms.
i've never had any adverse results of bybees on AC. every time i put them after a component's IEC, i get a very noticable improvement. ---not sure why ric@ EVS thinks otherwise, but who knows.
I have used the Bybee Power chargers on the Kimber Palladian 10 PC, the Kabala Sosna Emotion PC,the Shunyata
Green End Python,the JPS Lab Kaptovator,(excuse the spelling),and the power charger made every one of these PC's sound better In my system.Dead silent background,way better note decay,more and better detail and clarity.
I went from foot tapping to dancing around the room.

I also use Bybee GG PC's and the GG slipstreams with unbelievable Improvements.

Every area of the sound Improves as If upgrading a component when using the Bybees on the amp inputs, at the pre inputs and on the AC.

All systems react differently to cables and component mixing which we all know.With the Bybee's,I have only experienced a negative experience when I installed the GG speaker tails I had borrowed from a friend and used them with my 10T's.To this day I think I rushed to a conclusion
and didn't give them enough time to settle In. I will be trying them again soon and will let them settle In this time.

In my opinion, Jacks products are some of the best that have come around to audio In a long time, and no I am not a dealer,nor do I have anything to gain from writing this except to maybe help someone with their decision to try the Bybee's.

They are expensive, but they are well worth It In many systems of varying costs.

My system consists of the Modwright 9.0SE pre with the tube power supply, the Krell KCT pre, the Denon 3910 Modwright fully modded tube output and seperate tube power supply, using the 6900 tubes In the player and the sovtek 5 ar4 in the supply.A SS Cal Audio CL 2500 Dvd CDP,excellent cd player. A pair of Clayton M100 Class A SS mono blocks, three Bybee PC's 3 Bybee Power chargers,one Kimber Palladian 10, two pairs of Acapella La Musica I/C's with a pair of Bybee slipstreams on the downside end.I also use the Isoclean A50III with a Bybee GG Pc from the wall to it.

I use the Maple Pagode Master Reference six shelf rack and
Stillpoints under everything.***** five star rack and Isolation components. The best rack I have used to date.

My speakers are Acoustat Spectra 2200's, Aerial 10t's, Thiel 2.3's.

The Bybee gear worked wonders with all the gear above and many components I have used In the past.

I wrote this In this forum due to It being the only Bybee forum.LOL

I have never used the Dakiom products , so I can't comment on comparisons of the two.

I'll end with this, we all hear differently and what is bright to ones ear,may be warm to another.I prefer my system to be lined with the Bybee products because they bring the best musical experience I have heard to my listening room. I am experiencing the spookiest, most
real sound I have ever had In my home on a nightly basis.

If your reading Jack, Thanks!

PS. I forgot to mention my room is also 30% acoustically treated with bass busters and

When I posted last night,only one thread came up when I clicked on forums. Tonight, a bunch came up! LOL

Can't say anything about Dakiom as i do not own any or heard any, however i am a sucker for Bybee!!!! I love all Jack Bybee's products. I have the signature series power conditioner, Power ac chargers, bybee speaker filters, and best of all to my ears are the bybee rca filters! Wow every time i add another bybee product to my system the better it sounds! The sound stage and detail is crazy!!!! I will be buying more of the rca filters as soon as i see a good deal on some more here on audiogon!!