Dakiom for Tube Amps?

Has anyone tried a Dakiom feedback stabilizer on a two-channel tube amp? Any problems? Any improvements in sound? And, if so, what problems/improvements, specifically.

I am particularly interested in using one on my Macintosh MC275 since I've noticed a positive refinement in sound when I attached one to my CDP.

it's not recommended by dakiom,unless it's a hybrid. A SS class D and pure tubes from what they say will not make much effect, but there's always exception to the rule. In my case, I used dakiom stablizers on both my PAXHTON integrated tube amp and on my grant fidelity blue laser cd 427 tube cdp using a modified ESS HEIL 1D loudspeaker in a DIPOLAR array design, replacing the passive radiator with an active woofer and result is AMAZING. Sounds like a live performance. I know in my tube set up, it works well and my solid state amps, but for other people's system that are tube, it may not have an effect.