Dakiom Feedback Stabilizers............

This is the best tweak I have ever come across!, www.dakiom.com , it does less harm to the music than the Bybee's does......... I have these connected to all my components, these are a must have for all music lovers out there.......Richard
They recessed the midrange in my system when I tried them from CD player to preamp. I preferred the Bybee Magic Bullets.

Just to offer a different viewpoint.
Dakiom Feedback Stabilizers sound best when you have them connected to (all your components in your stereo system).......Richard
what do they do to the sound?
Ray, honestly, the best thing if you're interested is to try them yourself in your own system. Dakiom offers a MBG, so there's nothing to lose by trying them. It's become clear to me over the last couple years that everyone's system is different, and everyone's taste in sonics varies. It's impossible to give a de facto explanation of what a component does and expect it to translate into another system as described.

In general, the Dakiom stabilizers are intended to reduce digital glare, and convey a more analog sound. They do what is described. Whether the resulting sound is something you will prefer is up to you. Dakiom certainly has numerous satisified customers who have left feedback on the Dakiom website.
What do they do to the sound?.......They give you deeper tighter bass without being boomy.......you hear less distortion.........the sound becomes more three-dimensional..........less harshness from CD's.......blacker background.......very precise placement of voices and Instruments..........broader and deeper soundstage.........The improvements are dramatic when you connect these to all your components in your stereo system!.........Richard
What I have fond out about these Feedback Stabilizers is they sound better with silver plated interconnects and speaker cables, a friend of mine told me about some (real sleeper cables) Tsunamic (Ultra interconnects)$39.95 and (Competition Series) 12 GA. silver plated speaker wire $1.50 per foot, you can buy these at Circuit City in (Car Audio)(in the stores only, not listed on Circuit City web page). I really like the sound of the feedback stabilizers with these cables!.........Richard
Per your post, I went to Circuit City to check out the Tsunami cables. I found the 12-gauge speaker cables but they are made of tin-plated copper strands instead of silver-plated strands. Are you sure the ones you have are silver-plated?
I talk to someone in Car Audio at Circuit City about the Tsunamic Competition Series speaker wire before buying it and they told me that this cable was Silver Plated........Richard
Back to the Dakioms, I had similar results as Tvad. Soe things it did good, improving the sound. But other things it didn't; the recessed midrange and TOO much softening of the sound wasn't as good in my system as the benefits they gave.

One of my issues may have been compatability. I used the RCA Dakiom's with 2 different modified CD players. There may have been an issue with the capacitance added by the Dakiom's.

I used them with a non-mod'd, but older, player. It did sound better overall, but I still noticed the recessed mid's and softness - just to a lesser degree.

I also liked the Bybee's, and even better, Triphasers. But they are both more expensive. I think the Dakiom's ARE worth a try, and they may find a home somewhere in your system. I ended up using them in a "video" system that is only running 2-channel right now. There, the things they do well outweigh the things they don't.

One extra point: hats of to Mr. Kim at Dakiom. He posted my letter there, even though it was a mixed review. That is honest, and I would not hesitae doing business with him at all. He was very communicative and helpful in trying to figure out the issues using them in my system. A true gentleman!

My 2 cents.....

Chams, Tvad, I am not hearing the recessed midrange and the softening sound with the R103, maybe Kim Dao has made some improvements to his R103 feedback stabilizers because I am not hearing these things at all..........Richard
Our systems are different. Simple as that. That's why the Dakioms have to be tried in one's own system to be sure if they're going to be beneficial. The same thinking applies to cables, tweaks, and any other equipment one might consider.
Yes Tvad, you are right about that, I am also putting some Walker Audio: Super Silver Treament, www.walkeraudio.com ,on the tips of the RCA connectors on the R103 feedback stabilizer, it sounds a lot better with this stuff on these stabilizers!.........Richard
After putting the Walker Audio: super silver treatment on these A103 and R103 feedback stabilizers I think these stabilizers would give those Triphasers a good run for the money! I only wish I had the money to compare them now!......Richard
With Tvad's caveat about trying things in your own system in mind, I say this: Triphasers still beat out the Dakioms by a WIDE margin - in my system.

I have had Level 25 line and speaker level Triphasers in my system. I still have the speaker Triphasers in to this day. The improvents in focus, soundstage, dynamics, and overall "musicality" were second-to-none when it came to tweaks in my system. That list includes the Dakiom's, Bybee RCA Inlines (not the slipstream), and BV Audio SR-10 unit (which is a powered unit).

The only other piece that I'd rank up there with Triphasers is the Taddeo Digital Antidote II active version. It has improved almost anything digital I've had, including Sony SCD-777ES, mod'd Sony and Pioneer players, Arcam CD-73T, and many cheap players. But again, this is an active unit; their passive Antidote, at $120 delivered, may be a great deal as well. I had one of those, but it's been too long since I used it so I can't reasonably compare it to anything.

BTW, I have the Mapleshade Silver treatment, seemed to make a very subtle and slight improvement in clarity in my system. I treated my interconnects from mod'd Pioneer universal player to my integrated amp (Belles 250i). Richard, I like your thought of treating the Dakiom's; I should try that some time soon....unfortunately, I don't have the line-level Triphasers anymore to directly compare.


Todd - chams_uk
Chams_uk, The Dakiom stabilizers sound better and better as time goes by, and sound best when they are connected to every component in your stereo system. Todd, how long did you try out the Dakiom stabilizers before you sent them back? And Todd the Mapleshade silver treatment is a good product but it is not as good as Walker Audio super silver treatment, the SST has a more lifelike sound than MST does.........Richard
Thanks for the feedback Richard. I actually used the Dakioms in my system for over a month! I went back and forth with Kim regarding possible incompatibility with 2 mod'd players I have; perhaps added capacitance was the issue.

But I then played them in my system with an unmod'd DVD player, and then later with an Arcam CD-73T. All told, they spent three weeks with these players. And in both cases, the players went right to my integrated amp, and then to speakers - so there was nowhere else to put them in my system.

In ALL cases, there were benefits and drawbacks; I just happened to find the drawbacks not acceptable compared to the benefits.

All I'm saying is that system interaction cannot be determined ahead of time. The Dakiom's made my system sound worse. But I DO recognize their value (I didn't return them, they are sitting now in a video system running 2-channel audio; there, they do more good than harm), and definitely recommend someone try them out.

As for the Walker silver treatment, I may try it, it's cheap enough. Interesting article comparing the two in the latest Bound For Sound mag; worth a read.

Thanks for the tip, and let me know how your new IC's turn out.

Chams_uk, I am going to have my Dakiom feedback stabilizers Cryoed Treated, I think the Triphazers are Cryoed Treated too. That's why they sound better........Richard
Keep us updated, Richard. Sounds like you'll take them as far as they can go. As for the Triphasers, I don't think they are cryo'd, or they weren't at one point. I'll check with Mike at Tritium, but I have chatted whit him several times before, and I don't think he does that.

Who knows what it might do though if he did! :-)
Chams_uk, I think the Triphasers are Cryo treated because of the very long break in they need to sound there best, let me know what you find out about this........Richard
Hi all, I tried something that made these stabilizers sound a lot better, put them in the Freezer for 24 hours and then put them in the Refrigerator for an hour or two. Then put them back and play music for 24 hours or so and you should hear a big improvement!.......Richard
I have had very good success with the DakiOms. Contrary to tvad's experience, the feedback stabilizers brought midrange clarity, emotion and nimbleness to my system. In fact, the DakiOms brought across-the-board improvements over the entire frequency spectrum. I have them installed everywhere in my A/V system--except in my powered sub, which has a digital amp. I also have them on my separate, dedicated headphone sytem, including some beta versions of a proposed DakiOm for headphone outputs. I find their effect detailed, alluring and always musical.

I haven't tried the Triphasers. The ByBee RCA slipstreams I tried made the sound edgy and unmusical, and they're inordinately expensive. I've also had good success with PAC's DIF (digital interface filter).

Dr. Dao is a great guy to deal with, and with the DakiOm's iron-clad, satisfaction guaranteed stance (they'll even cover the cost of return shipping), these things are certainly worth a try!

(1) A/V
Sony DVP-NS775V, Denon AVR-1905, Mission M3S 5.1 + M70S (fronts) speakers, AudioQuest GBC-8 and Paul Speltz anti-cable, Fro-Zen interconnects, ErnieM PCK-11/13 powercords, power wraps, RDC cones, Virutal Mode single component line conditioners, Powervar mains conditioner, Veralab Woodblock Duplex. DakiOms at: DVD: (R203) stereo out, (HR203) 5.1 out; Receiver: (HA203+MA203) 7.1 speaker out, (HR203+R203)7.1 pre-out.
(2) Headphone
Panasonic S47, Gilmore V2-SE headamp, Fro-Zen interconnect, Etymotic ER-4S earphones, ErnieM PCK-11 powercords, PAC DIF, Cloud Tens, power wraps, Powervar mains conditioner. DakiOms at: DVD: (R203) stereo out; Headamp: (HR203) pre-out, (betaF203) at each headphone out.
I'm using these Dakiom stabilizer too, they really did improve my system! They have a new 203 series that they say is even better
I have heard that these stabilizers are nothing more than zobles, that may or may not dampen reflections and oscillations with in the cable circuit if they exist. They can be made up with a cap and a resistor across the two wires.
any thoughts
I have been using these for about a year now. I do not know what is inside these stabilizers, I do not care. All I care about is the music...getting closer to live music. No, these stabilizers are not going work with some tube gear but works great with most SS gear. I know I will not listen music without these stabilizers in my system, the only way I would take these stabilizers out is to upgrade to the new and improved 203 series stabilizers! The only way to find out if they will work in your system is try them out, they have free shipping both ways if you do not like them.
They didnt work for me, they did wht they said they would do, but when I had them on I wanted to find a place for a toe tag, it killed the upper range YMMV
These stabilizers are not going to work with every system out there.....thats why you have to try them in your system and find out if you like the sound. I also put some QuickSilver contact enhancer www.Xtremecables.com on my stabilizers too...Great stuff! I was talking to Brian, the owner of Xtreme Cables about some interconnects and he told me that he has a new product...QuickGold contact enhancer. Brian said his QuickGold was a lot better than his QuickSilver on Audio....he said it was a night and day difference! I will be trying some out very soon!
I was talking to Brian, the owner of Xtreme Cables about some interconnects and he told me that he has a new product...QuickGold contact enhancer. Brian said his QuickGold was a lot better than his QuickSilver on Audio....he said it was a night and day difference! I will be trying some out very soon!

I think I'll wait for the QuickPlatinum, which will undoubtedly be a night and day difference from QuickGold, and will make QuickSilver seem like a product from the Dark Ages.
I got that wrong....no new product at xtreme cables...sorry about that....
I got that wrong....no new product at xtreme cables...sorry about that....

So this statement...
I was talking to Brian, the owner of Xtreme Cables about some interconnects and he told me that he has a new product...QuickGold contact enhancer. Brian said his QuickGold was a lot better than his QuickSilver on Audio....he said it was a night and day difference! I will be trying some out very soon!
...was a complete fabrication...a detailed fantasy produced in an Absinthe buzz?

Tin_cup, you're never going to get a PR job unless you sharpen your spin control skills. :)
I have QuickSilver and Dakiom feedback stabilizers, and I have no idea whether the QuickSilver worked, because I just put it on and did no A/B testing (Tvad is rolling his eyes, I bet....). However, it looks nice and silvery....Anyway, two of the stabilizers between components are R103 units, and one (from preamp to amp) is the R203. Both Odyssey Extreme monoblocks have second generation stabilizers, and there's another (first generation) unit wired into the amplifier of my sub bass Rel Storm 3. The stabilzers are on to stay. They have improved the sound of the monoblocks even though those use very little negative feedback, according to Klaus Bunge.

{{Speakers have been upgraded to Intuitive Design Summits and their stands, and preamp is now Odyssey Tempest Extreme. A Dodson 217 Mark II D with upgraded 218-like software and an isolation transformer on one input has been inserted into the chain between the Onkyo Integra DPC 8.5 universal player and the preamp. Huge, huge, huge improvement in sound, every aspect as far as I can tell, and the new electronics and speakers aren't even fully broken in yet. Plan a review soon, but it will be tough since multiple variables were changed simultaneously. Can already say that this is a "done for now", and maybe forever, system. Not really anything left to complain about.}}

I found a pdf file online for the Dakiom patent application. These look to me like rather complex devices although I cannot claim to understand the circuit diagrams. Still, I think these things are a lot more than a capacitor and resistor across two wires.
Mdhoover, I have been telling people about QuickSilver and Dakiom feedback stabilizers for awhile now on these forums, these two products really do work! The QuickSilver is amazing on video too, their cables at www.xtremeCables.com are really great too.
I found some feedback on these Dakiom feedback stabilizers on another forum... www.audiocircle.com/circles/viewtopic.php?t=7918
This link works.... http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/viewtopic.php?t=7918
Here's more on their new 203 series stabilizers........ http://www.echoloft.com/cgi-bin/YaBB/YaBB.cgi?board=hifigeneral&action=display&num=1124249404
Unfortunately in my system the Dakiom R203 gave a slightly muted sound. I tried hooking it up in different ways but no difference. I tried different recordings with simmilar effects. I thought that my system would be an ideal candidate for this technology because it is fairly low fidelity, being a Pioneer DV-45a universal player and a Headroom Maxed Out Home headphone amp with Sennheiser HD-650s. I wanted this tweak to work but unfortunately it didn't help me.
The experience that Tvad had was somewhat similar, based on his description. Many people love these (myself included), but they don't work for everybody. Good thing about the money back guarantee.
Here's more feedback on these..... http://www.audioasylum.com/audio/tweaks/messages/123659.html