Dakiom feedback stabalizers....

Can I put the four that I purchased on the output from Processor to the amp's, or will they only work on output at the CDP?
My thinking was hook it up to the Rotel outputs for Left and Right and Center and Sub...too broke to buy anynore for now, and I figured if I hook them up that way...any source will benefit from them (CDP & Digital Cable) thanks!
Just us unstable people...
har har Doug
Can you guide me to an info about feedback stabilizers you've mentioned?

My assumption that these are to stabilize the OPAmp unstable outputs.
sure it is www.dakiom.com, please add thoughts if you can
Chadnliz, Why not email the Dakiom website guru? The official response from Dakiom will be accurate, and definitive. The website hook up diagrams seemed informative when I took a look, but if you need more guidance, email your question to Dakiom.
They work quite impressively in conventional stereo setup of family member, with one Dakiom device for output from CDP and a second Dakiom device at the receiver amp section outputs driving stereo speakers.
Thanks, I went ahead and bought a couple, and will send them back if they dont work (I should say my folks bought them for upcoming birthday to be more accurate)

What ever happened with your Dakiom Feedback Stabilizers? Did they work or did you send them back?
No benefit, gave them away and never heard much about it from the Agon member who took them.....waste for me atleast.
That's very interesting. You're only the second person I know who said they made no difference one way or the other in their system. A lot of people really like them (I'm in that camp), whereas others think they hurt the sound. For example, one person thought they caused high end rolloff in his system. Thanks for the followup info.
Maybe I dont have the Ultra Ear or hi-end system to reveal its signature, I just cant imagine changes that are not there but if they work for others then god bless!

Hopefully you didn't think I was trying to criticize your listening ear or system resolution, because that didn't even cross my mind when I wrote it. So if you took it that way, I apologize. The only point is that people have had a variety of experiences with these, with most being either favorable or unfavorable. However, you're not alone in not hearing any difference with the Dakiom Feedback Stabilizers. Also, I've had more than one other tweak that I didn't think did anything to the sound of my system, so I certainly agree that "no change" is a valid perception for audiophiles when listening to tweaks.
Not at all, I didnt feel you were critical. If I order a tweak I anticipate it to work or I would never order it so I would imagine an improovement if anything I suppose, but I couldnt even convince myself of a benefit. I am not sure if these work better in a mid-fi system or a more revealing Hi-fi system, whatever the case I dont have the right one lol
In a way it was a great experiment to realize I dont imagine improovements that are not there wich sadly I think many in this hobby suffer from. Cheers
I tried the lower priced series first and heard improvements in almost all areas of the music, decided to go for the higher priced spread. The 2 series really made a difference, especially the power amplifier modules. The most notable difference in a/b tests is in the bass and image. However, the longer you listen to these things the more you realize how much more "musical" the sound is. Which is what we are all looking for, right?

I tried individual units on my second system and it didn't make as much of an improvement until I had "conditioned" everything, cd player, preamp and amp.

The do it yourself tweeks at their website are very interesting. I used the vibration isolators on my system and it really tightend the sound up. I have a pier and beam floor in my listening room which has always been a problem. The isolators under the subwoofers really helped.