Daisy chaining XLR cables

Anyone ever connect 2 pairs of XLR interconnects end to end to get adequate length if you needed more length after moving components? Was wondering if anyone truly noticed any degradation in sound quality or not. Also probably not a good idea? but if any has tried 2 pairs of different interconnect/brands end to end. The only reason I'm asking is I have a few extra 1 meter pairs lying around but may need about 2 meters from pre to poweramp...
Good balanced XLR cables???? Not a problem.
One time, I connected two pair of balanced IC's by the same manufacturer but different models - only one version apart. Didn't work. The best attributes of each cable were muddied. YMMV.
Agree w/Crna39-I believe the overwhelming majority would not be able to hear an extra set of connectors, although there are a very select few who have the ability to hear any change to the signal path.

In pro audio, adding another cable simply changes the length. I've never been able to tell any difference unless the cable was bad or there was a loose connection.

As for dissimilar cables-that would be an interesting experiment. Maybe try one brand on one side & see if you can hear a difference?
I agree with Crna39 and Driver. I too have worked with xlr cables in conjunction with pro audio equipment.

there are a very select few who have the ability to hear any change to the signal path

I suspect that in at least some of those cases differences would be heard even if, unbeknownst to the person, nothing was changed.

-- Al
No harm. Connecting them in series like that is not ideally, but I would def give it a shot. You mix milk and chocolate and you will get a chocolate milk; a brand new diff taste just like you just bought yourself a new pair IC.
As long as the source supports the balanced line standard you will have no worries. If it does not, then you will hear the connectors.
I have greatly improved the sound of my system by running XLR interconnects in series with Bybee and other elements spliced in using burn-in adapters.