Daisy-chain an amp or not

My question is to plug my Parasound HCA 1500 into one of the outlets in the back of my Carver preamp tuner and leave them amp on/off switch turned "on". When wanting to use the system, simply hit the remote to turn on the amp, and the preamp/tuner and cd. Turn it off the same way. Is this a solution to walking over and turning the amp on and off all the time, or will this result in some negative results?
Thank you
Don't starve your amp but running through another device. Just leave it plugged in and on. Some amps supposedly benefit from keeping them on all the time (see the threads). If your preamp (and amp) has a 12 volt trigger you can use this approach too. I wouldn't sweat leaving a ss amp on -- much better option than going through the preamp! Or -- get some exercise turning on the amp!
Agree that this is not a good idea for the above-stated reasons. Then again, if the rig is such that you don't perceive any improvement in sound after your amp warms up then it might not be too bad, although your peak current capability will still be constrained. Make sure that the aux AC outlet can handle it first (check the current spec. against the amp's peak demand) or your power switch would arc & destroy itself after enough on/off cycles (unless they actually buffer with a relay - another question you'll need to answer). I used to setup this way many years ago, until I learned to do better
Most pre-amps are not desighned to handle the load of an amp this way. Those jacks would be best for switching smaller loads like a transport,dac,cd burner, vcr, dvd etc...
I guess plugging a blender in is no problem, so long as it isn't the ultra high current variety. I haven't seen those types of outlets since my NAD 3020 days ;-) I agree, best not to use them for your amp or any other current hungry piece.
NO, NO, NO.... For all of the above reasons. Instead of your amp running through a 6 ft ( ??? ) power cord to the wall, it now has to go another 6 ft courtesy of the preamps' power cord and a low grade outlet on the back of the preamp.

Besides the extra line length and potential to "starve" the amp on peaks or sustained duration notes, the amp will be fighting with the preamp for power via the same initial cord instead of having their own seperate outlets. This can do NOTHING good for sonics.

Leave all of the components on unless you are in "thunder alley" or in an area that is prone to brown-outs or surges. Not only will they last longer, they will sound better. Sean
This is pbredi, thanks for all of the helpfull advice. I will plug my amp, and my blender :-) into the wall outlet directly.