Dahlquist speaker models, question/experience and today

Some of us older audio-piles started with Advents, KLH and others...but most of my friends had the Dahlquist DQ-10 at one time in their audio journey. I know nothing about the 9, 20i, 30i etc. If any of you have experience and can compare the DQ-10 vs later models it would be interesting to hear you thoughts/views/experience. Thanks.

I cannot help you with any comparison but your mention of Dahlquist speakers brings back memories. In college, a small military school, my roommate had a pair Dahlquist DQ-9s with an NAD amp, Nakamichi tape deck and Bang and Olufson turntable. This was a pretty big deal for a dorm room system. It was my first real experience with hi-fi and the DQ-9s were awesome in out little cell-like room. I suspect they would have sounded much better in a less confined space.

We used to obsess over high end cassette tapes and all the settings on the Nakamichi for recording from vinyl

I saw my old roommate last year and asked him about the speakers and he no longer owned them.
N80 great story - that’s starting out wayyyyyyy high :-) is he still an audiophile?

i rebuilt / upgraded many pair of DQ-10 over the years
I bought a nicely restored and upgraded pair of DQ-10's with custom-stands from a nearby seller. $375! A major bargain! And still competitive with today's four figure speakers! 
I'm not sure if he is still an audiophile or not. I don't see him much and life had been hard on him and I did not ask last time we met.
I'm assuming Dahlquist is not longer in business?