dahlquist m-909 speakers

Hi..Does anyone happen to know the specs on these speakers or any information at all on these speakers would be appreciated...Thanks Murphey
There's a small thread on the Asylum by member big-ol-horns on 1-17-05.
Type in "Dahlquist M905" under speaker asylum, they seem to be a 4 driver three-way system from what I read.
Try contacting www.regnar.com
I have a pair of DQ-20I's and DQ-30I's, haven't heard much about the M-909's.
Hi Murphy,
I gave my pair to my daughter.
They are still alive and well.
What kind of information do you need?
The M-909's were built with 2 8" drivers from Vifa (M21WJ-49), 1 5" mid-range from Vifa (C13MH-08), and 1 tweeter from vifa (D26TG-05). The speakers were rated to handle 100 watts of power. I have had my pair of M-909 since 1989. I use two Denon POA-6600 amps (360 watts each amp)to power them. The speakers can take a beating.