Dahlquist LP1 Crossover

I have a Dahlquist LP1 electronic crossover that I no longer need and have never seen advertized. Anyone have any idea what I should ask for it? Thanks for any input.
I got $225 for one a year ago, but it also had Tiffany upgraded RCA jacks. They are still very desirable for some systems as a cost effective way to add sub woofers and seperate amps.
I could use it as I have a Janis sub with a crossover that I'm not happy about. I've disconnected my sub from my Aerial 10T's. If you'd let it go for $150, I'd take buy it.Thanks.
How is the condition of the Dahlquist LP1 x-over? Does it have adjustable x-over frequency or it is fixed? If it is a two way x-over, I'm interested to buy it from you. My no. is 1-905 475-1064