Dahlquist DQ20i question

I just scored a pair of these at a rummage sale and was wondering if anyone knew when this particular model was manufactured? Thank you.
between late 80's and early 90's.
The DQ-20 were released in late 1987 or early 88. Here's a link to a Stereo Review article (in PDF). The DQ-20i made small improvements with a different midrange and slightly different crossover. There's an active group of Dahlquist fans over at Yahoo Groups if you want/need more info. The DQ-20 and 20i are killer speakers. Best, Mark
What`s a fair price for DQ-10s OR DQ-20i? What year was the last production of either speaker?
Prices on these fluctuate wildly. I've seen restored DQ-10s go for $500-1000. Ones that need help can be found for $200. DQ-20's are often listed between $500-700.

According to the Stereo Review article mentioned above, the 10's were still being produced in 1988. I have no idea when they stopped making them. You might want to pose this question over at the Yahoo Dahlquist group:

The link I gave to the Stereo Review article isn't working. Here's a new link:

Stereo Review Dahlquist DQ-20 1988 (pdf)

The two crossovers used with the DQ-10`s and DQ-1W combination were the DQ-LP1 and the DQ-MX1. Any thoughts on which crossover work better /what are their differences? I`ve recently discover DAHLQUIST.
Geobatch, I'm not familiar with either of these crossovers. You might get a better response if you started a new forum and/or posted your question at the Dahlquist group site mentioned above. All the best, Mark
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