Dahlquist DQ12 replacement woofers?

I picked up a pair of DQ12s with the woofers completely replaced with some relatively crappy no name speaker. The originals weren't available for rebuild either. Regnar doesn't appear to have anything to replace them, so I was hoping someone else might have some ideas.
You might contact the seller of these DQ-12s on eBay and see if he kept the original drivers when he changed them for Radio Cracks(bonehead). (http://cgi.ebay.com/Dahlquist-DQ-12-speakers-great-sounding-speakers_W0QQitemZ200243798038QQihZ010QQcategoryZ14993QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem) Only three hours left on the auction though.
Thanks, I actually did that and he hadn't :). I've been searching the net, no luck so far.
The drivers are the same ones used in the large Advent I'm pretty sure. They are usually easy to get.
They had the same frame as the large Advent, but- rather than the smallish square magnet, a larger round one. Different voice coil and Thiele/Small parameters.
So I'd have to look at an entirely new crossover then... bleh.
If you keep your ear to the ground(when you're not listening to your music), you might find someone selling a pair of DQ-12s on eBay or in here, that hasn't discarded the woofers, or perhaps, still has the originals in the system. Don't ya hate having to exercise patience?
I do :) But the guys at Millersound essentially told me the same thing. It's my second set of DQ12s, so I don't NEED them up and running yet. Just wanted them!
I don't blame you a bit. Dahlquist made some great(some revolutionary) stuff over the years. I had a DQ-LP1(modded) in my system for 26 years, 'cause I couldn't find a better Hi/Lo pass filter with which to bi-amp. Then I sold it for more than what I paid for it back in 1980(still sought after). My son still has the DQM-9's that I bought and restored for him 10 years ago. Excellent imaging and accuracy. Hang in there- They'll turn up eventually.
I had a pair of DQ-20s before the Mirage M1s. I still have the M1s and listen to them daily at work with a Citation II that I just had rebuilt. I really enjoy the second system almost as much as my main one. There is also a pair of DQ-20s at the store. I guess this is a little off topic. Have you seen these?
Wow, those are some funky new DQ10s! I may have a lead on a Dahlquist MX-1, but I'm trying to understand the difference between the MX-1 and the LP-1. Sooner or later the woofers will turn up, and I'm using the time to restore the cabinets while I wait.