Dahlquist DQ12

Hello all!!! I submitted a question before about my looking for a pair of Dahlquist DQ10's or DQ20's. I actually ended up buying my buddy's Dahlquist DQ12's which have been upgraded to I believe DQ20 specs. Apperently one of them went bad after he bought them and Dahlquist upgraded them when they got repaired. All under warrenty too. Anyway they sound fabulous, but I need more power. Right now I am running a McIntosh MC2505 amp @ 50 watts. Anyone know how much power these are happy with?

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You have acquired one of the hidden gems of high end audio in my opinion. I have had a pair of Dahlquist DQ12's for several years, and I love them. I started using them with a 100 watt per channel Conrad Johnson solid state amplifier, and I was very pleased with the sound at all volume levels (although I typically do not listen at very loud volumes). After about two years with the 100 watt per channel amplifier, I upgraded to a 240 watt per channel Conrad Johnson solid state amplifier from the same series (MF). I could not believe the difference the extra power and current made despite the fact that I did not change anything else in the system. At all volume levels there was more detail, a wider soundstage, and deeper and more articulate bass response. If you position the DQ12's in your room properly and have the right amplification, they are capable of producing incredible bass.

I would recommend that you stay away from any amplifier with a bright character, for the tweeters in the DQ12 can potentially get too bright if driven with mismatched electronics. I also think that you should get at least 100 watts per channel to drive them properly, and even more power is better. An amplifier with a warm or neutral character is a good match for the DQ12's.

I have since upgraded my speakers, but I have kept the DQ12's for a second system. I doubt I will ever part with them, for I love their ability to reproduce music.
As an experienced DQ owner, I pretty much agree with everything Vortex says. The more power the better. I'd say 100 watts (solid state) is the bare, bare minimum. If you're on a tight budget, a good sounding, cheap amp which mates well with DQ's is the Carver TFM-35. "Audiophiles" will scoff, but these are an excellent sounding, high current, low feedback design at 250wpc for around $350 in mint condition on Ebay.

My current DQ20i's are one of the most enjoyable, completely non-fatiguing speakers I have heard - at any price. They are horizontally bi-amped and powered by a CJ Premier 11a on top and a Harmon Kardon Citation 16 on the bottom end.

There are people who have modded their DQ-12's to bi-amp configuration, and you can also easily upgrade the caps in the crossovers and get noticeably improved performance, too.

The one issue I differ from Vortex is on the highs, I have A/B tested these against a number of modern designs and it is clear that the highs are somewhat rolled off (even using solid state amps). I plan on experimenting with incorporating newer tweeters to get just a bit more snap.
Hello all, Its been a while since my last post. I got rid of the McIntosh MC2505 and got a Belles Gala Sound 200 watt amp and a Belles XLM preamp. What a difference! The DQ 12's opened right up. Thanks to all for the advice and info.
Anxious to hear them, just acquired a pair of DQ-12's, also have a pair of DQM-9C and AR-303's. Going to be interesting to hear the differences, maybe B&K for power ? but have an old Nikko Alpha 1 that may be adequate.
Anyone have the specs on the DQ-12?