Dahlquist DQ10: what is best way to power?

I have had a pair of DQ10 (restored in every way) for decades and use an Apt Holman amp and pre-amp for power but these are getting cranky and take time to fire up if at all. What would be good match for the DQ10s? The Apts seem under-powered. Is it worth having them repaired?
There is a Fort'e model 3 for sale for $400 on this site.When I had the DQ10 that is the amp I used with great results. It has 200 watts and will drive them real nice!
Without knowing the budget, here's a few. A vintage belles, or hafler would be nice. Nakamichi PA7 would be high on my list. If I had them, I think a belles 400 would be my first choice. I think it would be cool to pair them with something from roughly the same period. Threshold would be another great choice.
In their day, they sounded great with a Bedini Class A amp. The more power the better. For class A/B I would look for 200 wpc.
I had a buddy who ran them a Bedini Class A , one hell of an amp.
These were my first speakers and I ran a McIntosh 2205 stereo amp (200 plus watts a side). I could have used more power. Get the biggest high current amp you can afford.