Dahlquist DQ10: best reasonably priced power

I have a pair of rebuilt DQ10s powered by an Apt Holman amp and pre-amp that probably need repair since they take a long time to fire up. Perhaps I need more power anyway. What would be a good amp/pre-amp pairing or should I try to find a place to repair them in the NYC area? Many thanks for any suggestions.
Right now Emotiva is having a sale. You could get the XPA-2 Gen 2, a 300 wpc 77-lb. power amp, for $799 shipped.

Their USP-1 preamp with phono stage is on sale for a mere $369. Their upscale balanced XSP-1 is on sale for $799.

I sold DQ-10s in 1975 when they first came out, and we found that two BGW amps in bridged mode (making about 500 wpc) really opened them up compared to the 100-150 wpc amps we typically used, so I'd say 300/500 wpc into 8/4 ohms would be a step in the right direction.
I also sold DQ-10's when I worked part time and in the summers for an audio store during high school and college, circa 1980-1982.

Wonderful, magical speakers but power hungry indeed - you won't go wrong throwing a massive amp at them.

The Apt Holman pre amp was a classic in its day - the power amp perhaps less so, and was not massively powered.

Good luck with the Dahlquists.
B&K made some nice amps in the 200w per channel range that pair very nicely with the DQ-10s.

I am currently using and Odyssey amp at 150w a side and it works well. Adcom 555 or a Yamaha C-85 are well regarded and should work very nicely.
I had DQ-10s while at University, and for a couple years after. I installed a nice crossover and driver modification which was popular in its day. As a college kid, I bought speakers first and slowly assembled the rest of the system. First, I used my Pioneer 45W receiver, and they sounded remarkably OK. Then I borrowed my buddy's Apt Holman amp/preamp, and I heard a nice improvement, with more separation and cleaner sonics. Then I bought and later modified a Hafler 500W amp, and it was significantly better than the Apt Holman. Not sure, but I think I was running a Counterpoint preamp by that time, just before going to Audio Research SP-8. Just trying to give you some feeling for where the AH sits, but it was between the Pioneer and the modified Hafler. Simply put, the DQ-10 requires juice. Do not skimp. My buddy still uses his Threshold 400A with good results. A CODA high-current amp would do well too. You need high current, not just high watts. The right amp will pay dividends, as you will see. Find the amp that is designed to push that kind of load, like the two mentioned above. Go Man Go!!
They need power for sure. I remember thinking they were really good with a Belles 400 in our store. I was recently reminded of Bedini which was a great match too that I had forgotten about. I've heard them with threshold, and again, very good. That makes me think a Nakamichi PA7 would be a good choice also. Those are all older amps. If I could get a deal on a Belles "hot rod" or reference, I would think that would be great also.