Dahlquist DQ-28 Specs

Can anyone tell me the Specs or and info on these speakers. I can't find any info anywhere about them.
I have the manual (and a pair). What would you like to know?
Just wondered what there power outputs are and what features they have compared to other speakers.I know they where alot new from what I can tell but I really know little about speakers and I am trying to decide to buy them or not,
I have owned and heard a number of Dahlquist models - and if you can buy these in perfect shape for under $400 or so, you should. The DQ-10's have a somewhat irrational following, but the DQ-20's and up were wonderful speakers - don't worry about their "specs". They offer very smooth midrange, tight and ample lows, with slightly restrained highs (that I personally prefer to many "modern" bright-leaning speakers). They ARE somewhat power hungry. If you have less than a 100 watt, high-current amp you'll be missing the point.
Frankly I like the DQ-20's best of all, with some modification. IMHO, you are not likely to find more listenable, reasonably accurate, speakers in this price range.
In the older models - make sure the surrounds are intact, or assume you'll need them replaced in the not too distant future.
Hope this helps.