Dahlquist DQ-20i and Alon IV sonic differences

I'm just coming back to stereo after a long hiatus and have been listening to a pair of 20i's that are original except for the woofer surrounds. I am using a Shanling A-3000 hybrid (tube pre amp/SS amp) that's good for around 300 wpc with these speakers. To me, a two way (tweeter/midrange) open baffle with a sealed bass cabinet, time aligned is unbeatable for openness and staging. I just picked up a pair of Alon IV's which are proported to be the next big step in Carl M's designs of the time. Aside from more robust construction, better drivers and 12" woofers which will receive Millersound's
attention shortly, your experienced comments would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
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I just had my Alon IV woofers rebuilt by Miller Sound. One woofer was really bad and was scraping. They came back as good if not better than new. I got the full treatment.

My Alon's are now blowing me away, best upgrade I could ever treat myself too. Bass is tight, defined, and deep.

I also own Dahlquist DQ10's that I've toyed with getting rebuilt but have not yet done so. Purchased them new in 1978. I have a pair of Radio Shack woofers in them just to see what would happen. They are still nice but will fatigue you.

I almost purchased a pair of DQ20i's off Craigs List in Nov 2012 but the owner said one woofer kept cutting in and out when moved. I own enough old speakers and did not feel like messing with another rebuild.