Dahlquist DQ-12 crossover schematic

I acquired a set of DQ 12s.
One side the mid-range driver is working and nothing else.
Woofer is brand new and I don't know about the tweeter's condition.
Does anyone have a schematic they can share with me of this speaker's crossover?
The guy at  Regnar was very nice to me and said the owner's manual was just a set up guide.
No schematics.
Thank you

DQ10 owner here. There used to be a Yahoo group for Dahlquist owners, and they had all sorts of references from schematics to mod recommendations and custom builds, though I can't say for sure if there was anything for the 12's. Give it a shot and let us know what you come up with.
Why don't you just reverse engineer it?  Assuming that you have the original... Shouldn't be too tough.