Dahlquist DQ-10s as part of Home Theater

Hi All,

Any thoughts on a center channel that would go well with the DQ-10s but not be too expensive? I don't watch movies seriously but when I do, I want everything to play nice together.

If I can sell my wonderful Bohlender Graebener X3s, which I use as side channels, I would like to replace them also with a reasonably priced set of bi-pole speakers that I can wall-mount to have 7.1. I am using a B&K Ref 2220 to drive the DQ-10s and a Pioneer Elite VSX-47TX to handle the home theater stuff.

I am kinda new at this and budget is something of an issue. I also live in a Manhattan apartment so space is a concern, too. As it is, the DQ's dominate my living room - but it's worth it!

All help will be appreciated.


I ended up using a Dhalquist DQ-10 as my center channel also. Of all the center speakers I tried I found that it provided the most accurate/smoothest presentation of human voice during dialogue in movies. Because of its wide footprint it works well with wide screen viewing when the L/R are far apart. It also works well as a center because it is not a tall speaker making it an ideal fit under your display. I was not fond of using di-pole speakers for the front left and right and preferred normal front firing speakers, so maybe some L/R monitors may work well when space is restricted. Dipoles worked great for surrounds and rears.