Dahlquist DQ-10 vs. DQ-20

Has anyone owned both of these speakers?....if so, what are the differences and which is better? I had DQ-10's at one time but have never heard the DQ-20's.
I have a pair of DQ-20s and have had them for many years. The are very netural sounding and like having a set of electrostats only with very tight bass. They do need a fair amount of power to drive them. I use a pair of old Amber amps (about 200 watts each) to drive them and use a Oracle turntable for the front end. When they are set up properly they have a very impressive soundstage, they need to be about 2 feet or so from the back wall with preferable nothing between them to intefere with the sound stage.

I have owned both, and unless you want to do extensive modification to the DQ10's, the DQ20 is much better at everything. The DQ20i (which is biamp-able) is even better than the DQ20 - until recently I had a pair of each. The difference is subtle, but I find the DQ20i mids to have a bit more detail and slightly better imaging. Though imaging with either model is spectacular if you're in the somewhat small sweet spot.

Both are great speakers which don't give up much, except in bass slam, to much more expensive "modern" speakers. I've a/b tested the 20i's against the Alon V's and much preferrred the 20i's. There are speakers with flatter measured frequency response, but I haven't heard ANY, including some very expensive ones, that reproduce the timbre of individual instruments and voices as accurately.

Also note that if the woofer surrounds are original, they will likely need replacement in the near future. No big deal (you can do it yourself in about 4 hours if you are reasonably skillful) but be aware of that.

What`s a fair price for a pair of DQ-10s OR DQ-20i
considering thier are in fair/good condition? When was the last production year for either pair?
I have the DQ20 with new woofers and a reference rebuilr Ampzilla II. The bass is scary it goes so low. Primarily from 5.1 sound track. I owned the 10s and felt they were not as open as I like. I prefer electrostats or Maggies but do not want to dear with the placement or power requiremnts.Plus the DQ20 has more slam being a conventional speaker. I have been completely around the block wuth audio but ended up back with G.A.S. and Dahlquist.