Dahlquist DQ-10 upgrade suggestions?

I have a pair of DQ-10's which sound just great compared to my "stereophile recommended" $3K speakers. I've already refoamed the woofers.Anyone suggest some effective ways to upgrade these?
a great & cost effective upgrade is the dahlquist xover & bass speaker both of which can be found on ebay most of the time, complete cost is less than 500$, the speaker is not a sub it just increases the weak bass response in the dq10s.

new xovers will be a huge improvement also & you can get them from REGNAR DAHLQUIST.

Have them phased aligned and replace capacitors with microfarrit capacitors. Did wonders for mine upteenth years ago. Beautiful midrange, for sure, but missing it in the upper and lower range enough to warrant an upgrade. At least for me. happy listening, warren
Also, change that horrible tweet while you're at it. If you tinker with the x-over, it shouldn't be difficult to choose a fitting alternative.