Dahlquist DQ 10 or DQ 20?

Hi, any recommendations? I am looking at a set of Dahlquist speakers. A friend has DQ 12's that sound great. I was looking at the DQ10 and the DQ20. Any thoughts?

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Having owned the DQ 10s ( and mind you, I had them phase arrayed and replaced with microfarrit capacitors) I'm wondering why, in this day (other than for the looks) you'd consider these babies. Granted they have one of the most satisfying midranges going, but that is it. Top end is very weak as is the bottom end. And, they need oodles of power. just my fwiw. I never gave the DQ 20s a serious listen, but they, certainly, look better than the DQs. To me, at least. peace,warren
I have owned both, and unless you want to do extensive modification to the DQ10's, the DQ20 is much better at everything. The DQ20i (which has bi-amp capability) is even better than the DQ20 - until recently I had a pair of each. The difference is subtle, but I find the DQ20i mids to have a bit more detail, or texture.

Both are truly great speakers for the money - see my other recent posts here regarding DQ-20's.

Also note that if the woofer surrounds are original, they will need replacement in the near future - especially if you work them hard. No big deal (you can do it yourself in about 4 hours if you are reasonably skillful) but be aware of that.
DQ20/i - no question. If you can find a pair in good shape & in your price range get em. The 10's still sound good though.

If you have the space and are lucky/patient/vigilant enough you might find a set of DQ30's. Everything the 20's do, plus more bass!

…I just scored a pair of 30i’s & am super-jazzed.
Thanks for all of the input.

How about vintage McIntosh speakers such as the ML-1C or the MLh-2C? I have a McIntosh setup. MC2505 amp and an MX-112 tuner pre-amp that I use for the tuner. My other equipment is a Nakamichi ZX-7 tape deck, a Sony X303es cd player, a Carver c-11 Sonic Holography preamp and for analog a Micro Seiki DDX 1000 with Infinity Balck Widow tonearm and Koetsu Black moving coil cartridge.
Hoo-ha! Them damned Dahlquist DQ10's got me hooked on this crap 25 years ago!