Dahlquist DQ 10, is it worth new woofer?


I have an opportunity to get my hands on a pair of DQ 10's for next to nothing (free). The only problem is the woofer on one of the speakers is blown and needs to be replaced. I noticed another message on this site where one of the people stated not to replace the woofer. Does that mean with another type of woofer or are you referring to the speaker can not be repaired?

How much $ would it take to repair the speaker?

I am not very familiar with the Dahlquists, what type of sound can I expect out of this speaker. I am currently using a Marantz SR 6300, will this be enough amp to push these speakers?

These are one of the finest speakers ever produced and are well worth fixing. The woofer surrounds (not the whole woofer)need to be replaced about every ten years. This should cost about $100 for the pair or the do-it-yourself kits are available on ebay. You have to be careful but it's not rocket science. If you care to send me your number, I'll call you with more info. I have free nights and weekends.
I had a pair of these in the late 70's, they have good output down to around 40hz or so. They need a good amount of power to come alive as they are very power hungry speakers. I loved the sound of mine.

I have a pair of DQ10's with the same exact problem. The left Woofer is stressed. But my solution was not to replace it but to improv. (mostly because there is no work you can do that could ever match what dalquist did) What i did was added a active subwoofer to my system and cut off all low pass frequincys to the DQ's. This setup makes wall shake crack and would make Gorge Lucas crap his pants.
There isn't enough information to adequately work with here. When you say that the woofer needs to be replaced, which of the following really applies?

1. The foam surround is rotted-out but the rest of the woofer is still OK.

2. The foam surround is rotted-out and the speaker has been driven/bumped in that condition resulting in a trashed voice coil.

3. The voice coil is shot yet the surround is intact.

If item 1 is your scenario, by all means, repair the woofer. You can do it yourself but I've seen older messages that referred to certain audio repair shops that specialized in this work. The messages are located either at the Audio Asylum or Audiogon websites.

If the voice-coil is shot, I don't know if there is a suitable replacement woofer available.

Mr. Kidknow