Dahlquist DQ-10 capacitor values?

All the caps which I want to replace in my DQ-10's have no value's.They all have their own numbers starting with DQ,such as DQ1065 (just for example).The only info.that I understand is they also give their voltage rating.Would someone out there have this info.,and any other suggestions for the crossovers that they could pass along ?I'm also looking for the best bang for the buck caps suggestion.Thanks to all in advance.

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If the caps you want to replace are not leaking or malfunctioning, one idea is to bypass them with a very small value, like a .01 uf, high quality cap. Bypass just means solder new cap leads to old cap leads, just in case you have not done this before. You don't need to know the values of your existing caps to do this, and it should be a good improvement. Madisound has a good selection of poly caps that will work if you choose this route. If not, you need to buy a meter from Radio Shack, desolder, and measure your caps to get the values.