Dahlquist DQ-10 and McIntosh MC240 ???

I've been enjoying my DQ-10's for years since they've been powered by a relatively high-current Carver TFM-35 SS amp pushing 250w per side. I have recently lucked into (basically inherited) a McIntosh MC240 (and a C20 pre) that I'm considering using to power the Dahlquists. The Mac is rated at 40 watts per side of clean tube power, but I'm concerned that this will not be quite enough juice for the DQ-10s to really sing. This is my first foray into any kind of tube hi-fi audio equipment, and I'm wondering if any of you experienced folks would mind commenting on this idea....

The mac is in the shop getting a check-up as I write this, and I have yet to hook it up to anything. The alternative to this rig would be to leave the Dalhquist system alone and, for a 2nd system, get a pair of decent bookshelf speakers such as the B&W 685’s – which are at my budget limit (~$700) – to use with the tube mac pieces and a turntable.

I appreciate your responses!
you'll know if its a fit after a little listening. a beyond classic pairing!!!!
One important thing to remember,"always" make sure you have speakers hooked up to a tube amplifier.Without the speaker load,the output transformers can arc inside of them destroying them.It's easy to forget if your excited about firing up a new piece of audio gear. From what I remember,the DQ-10's weren't very efficient mid 80's db or so. The MC-240 should have a lot more forward sound.The sound should be a lot more out into the listening area.More involving too.I don't have any idea if the volume will satisfy you,but you may overlook that if you like sound better.
probably not enough power to light up the inefficient DQ10s but should be pretty sweet!
I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that Jon Dahlquist used a Citation 12 (60WPC) when designing and voicing his DQ-10's. The best combination I've heard with the Dahlquists was using the Kenwood L-07M's.
I think this is practically the exact combo that my sister ran in her downstairs den for years. Not a huge room, but the 10s were presented at a darned-near perfect height and for that space this really was a darned-near perfect combo.