Dahlquist DQ-10,-1W,-MX1, Pilot 245, Sony TCK555

I finally setuped my Dahlquist set with my Pilot 245 tube amp integrated and my Sony Tck555, Nakamichi RX 303 cassettes, Sony XA777ES, and Linn LP12. I love analog sound so my main listening is cassette tape Sony. They transparent sound sweet especially vocal. I prefer tape than CDs as I am lucky to buy more than 300 original tapes (commercial tapes). I really like Dahlquist DQ 10 sound and will keep them for a while. I am lucky to have many vintage tube amp to try with Dahlquist 10 such as Pilot 500 amp with Harman Kardon Ciation one, Eico HF 81, and Pilot 240. Pilot 245 and Eico HF 81 are my main listening. In future, I will upgrade my Dahlquist LP-1 crossover active over passive.
Glad you are enjoying your DQ-10s. I loved mine back in the day. Remember, they crave current (amps) more than power (watts). Don't miss the opportunity to try a juicy SS Class A amplifier with them- 100W or more, then you will see what I'm talking about. I did mirror-image, crossover and wiring upgrades to mine, along with more modern driver arrays, and I was very pleased. In a large room with generous spacing from rear and side walls, they image very impressively.