Dahlquist 28 Opinions and other

I have a pair of DQ-28's. I think they are "ok" sounding. I'm going to be experimenting with some speaker placement and acoustic issues, but before I start, I would like to hear your opinions on these speakers. Additionally, what do you think about bi-amping these, and what should I expect to sell them for if I decide to go that route?

Thanks =)
I'm sorry, I meant to write "Bi-Wiring" instead of Bi-Amping.
You said it yourself. "ok" sounding. I was never crazy about them. I always preferred my DQ 10s Phased arrayed and with microfarrit capacitors. What they do well they do real well. But you know what is missing. That is where your "ok" comes in. I'd bag em. "sell them and go that route" You said that, as well. good luck..peace, warren
I'm a Dahlquist fan myself, and have heard most of them. The DQ-28's are not my favorite. The sealed box DQ-20's and 20i's (bi-ampable) are much better IMHO. If you're on a budget, I'd look for a pair of the 20i's, upgrade the caps, refoam the woofers and you'll have great speakers - Even more power hungry though.

re: The amplifier question in your System listing. I have had many, many amps - and run Dahlquists on many of them. The Carver TFM's, while not an audiosnob brand, were among the sweetest sounding solid state amps I have had in direct A/B testing. You could move up to a mint tfm-35 for around $400 on Ebay, DQ-20i's for around $600 and have mucho power with great sound for $1000. (Also as I'm sure you know, if you're only running a CD player, the tfm's don't require a preamp.)
Does anyone know the specs for the DQ-28's? What size woofer does it have?
Does anyone know the factory specs for the DQ-28s? I can't find any solid information about them on the web. I would like to put together a website with vintage Dahlquist specifications. If someone would be kind enough to send this information, I would appreciate it! -Mark