Daft punks RAM on vinyl

I picked up Daft punks Random Access Memories on vinyl, holy crap is it well recorded ! Very quite and clean 180 gram double lp. I love the music, its fantastic. Its recorded in all analog, and it sounds that way. 6 million in the making, its up there with Dark side of the moon in production. Nile rodgers, Paul williams, Giorgio Moroder, drums and bass from the house band from Michael Jacksons Thriller album, Chili Gonzales, Panda Bear, real 70 piece orchestra, no pro-tools, real Nasa tapes fun ass masterpiece, well done Daft punk, Well done.
These guys spare no expense in their production. To learn more about the daft duo, check out Rolling Stone's recent article...a decent read.
I have both the LP and CD versions of Daft Punk's RAM. I'm finding a significant differences in volume in my systems. The music is awesome but the volume of the vinyl version is much lower than the CD version. I have to add 10db in gain on my preamp in order to get the LP volume close of the CD volume without having to adjust the volume so much. I haven't had this happen with other albums in recent memory. Again the music is great and both the LP and CD versions of the RAM merit consideration to me.
I agree this is a very good heavy pressing with a big wide and deep soundstage. Lots of good ear candy. I have the vinyl and have not heard the cd version. My guess, Jedi is that the vinyl is uncompressed and the CD is highly compressed (loudness war) resulting in the volume discrepancy you reference. All the more reason to go analog!
Yes I was thinking about the same compression issues with the cd version. The LP sounds better to me.
Chrissain, in your OP you mention "original NASA tapes." What do you refer to? Thanks!
Just a quick update here. Thanks gents for explaining the volume difference to a vinyl newbie myself. For my second system I found my phono preamp was not enough for my Denon DL-110 cart. The phono preamp was the major cause of the volume difference. I was really turning up the volume knob up to get a decent sound. I got the Hagerman Bugle2 and music from any record got better in general.

So last night I put in both copies of RAM in my system and kept doing the A/B switching. Vinyl is getting the edge in the mids and highs and bass on the CD was a bit more boomy.

Also check out this article about the mixing and recording of RAM.


My favorite song from RAM is Girogio by Moroder.
Sad week :(


RAM is one of my favorite albums and quite possibly the best sounded on my TT. These guys will definitely be missed.

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