Daedolous Muse V2

I recently ran into an old friend who suggested I look into the Daedolous Muse V2.  I am an old Spendor SP1 fan and looking for an update.  I found the new Spendors a bit bright.  Also listened to the Harbeth SHL 5 and found  it a bit weak in the bass and surprisingly a little bright.  Has anyone heard the Daedolous Muse?  Would it fit into the old Spendor  tonality?  Running a tube amp ( Leben).  Also considering the Prana Vayus, Devore 93 and maybe Proac D30R ( if I can find one to listen to).

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I too have a pair of Daedalus  "Argos V2 ", very fine well built and very easy to drive with almost any amp.  As stated above, Audio Circle is the best resource on Lou ' s speakers. Good luck in your search!
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