Daedolous Muse V2

I recently ran into an old friend who suggested I look into the Daedolous Muse V2.  I am an old Spendor SP1 fan and looking for an update.  I found the new Spendors a bit bright.  Also listened to the Harbeth SHL 5 and found  it a bit weak in the bass and surprisingly a little bright.  Has anyone heard the Daedolous Muse?  Would it fit into the old Spendor  tonality?  Running a tube amp ( Leben).  Also considering the Prana Vayus, Devore 93 and maybe Proac D30R ( if I can find one to listen to).
I don't have the Muse so I can't speak directly to them; I do have the Daedalus Argos V2s and thoroughly enjoy them . Below is the link the the Daedalus circle over at AudioCircle , it has any number of threads on Daedalus products and might be easier to find folks who have the Muse and be able to give you some insightshttps://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?board=164

If you browse through the audiocircle Daedalus  threads , or don't want to, posting a new question on the Daedalus circle will get attention.
Will take a look; how would you describe the tonal qualities of your argos?
I've listened to a bunch of those speakers.  Which Spendors?  The new Classic 100 is very good, but probably beyond the price point you're looking at.  To my ears, Harbeth 30.2 and 40.2 are voiced differently, and more forgivingly, compared to the SHL5+.  I've heard the Muse v2.  It's good but it didn't blow me away.  Tonality wise, middle of the pack.  Neither bright nor forgiving.  Didn't hear too much of a developed soundstage--perhaps that demo.  Not as exciting as the Classic 100 and not as fabulous as the 40.2  If it's timbre/tonality that you're most concerned about, look at the Audio Note AN-E--even the standard models are very very natural sounding.  I kinda felt about the Devore 93 the way I felt about the Muse.  See if you can listen also to one of the bigger Silverlines, the Ryan S840, or some Salks.  Another speaker with some magic is the Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand, if subterranean bass is not a primary concern.
I have the SP1s.
i too found the O93 kind of blah.
i plan to check out the audio note ANe, and JM Reynaud .  Can’t find the Vienna Acoustic; also I think they need more power than my Leben puts out.
Thanks for the advice!
open to other suggestions too
ATC ? 
ATC SCM20 or 19 are dynamic and nice, i.e., they image superbly, the frequency extension is very good with expected limitations in the bass, clarity and realism. The 20 are easily are more realistic and more dynamic than your SP1s (which are nice spkrs, I used to have them). OTOH, I donl;t know if you can drive them adequately with your amp
I too have a pair of Daedalus  "Argos V2 ", very fine well built and very easy to drive with almost any amp.  As stated above, Audio Circle is the best resource on Lou ' s speakers. Good luck in your search!
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