DAD sound only DVD-V kontra DVD-A ?

I'm a little confused: Does anyone have any experience with this sound only DVD-V's from Chesky Records, are then as good as DVD-A discs?
I have heard that one can connect digital audio output from DVD-V player (in contrary to DVD-A they have one) and put it to outside DAC or onboard DAC (as in Wadia 860x) and have a great sound?
Another question assuming that DVD-A's would have digital out, would be any diffrence in quality excepting defferences between DVD-V transport and DVD-A quality?
Is there any technical difference (like between SACD 1bit PWM vs DVD-A PCM 24/192) between DVD-V (DAD) 24/96 and DVD-A 24/192 except in quantization???

Could somebody help me because I'm getting lost, Please!
Hi Sorlowski...I can't answer your question about the sound of DVD-A compared to the sound of DAD, but I do think regular DAD (DVD-V??) discs sound very good. I also think pushing that format may have been a smart way to go (considering most people have DVD players these days), but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I'm sure DVD-A may sound better (or have the potential to), but I bet DVD-A was invented because the corporation that designed the format was trying to establish a new standard format and reap the rewards. Sony and Phillips designed the standard CD format and they've made a fortune off the licensing over the past 20 years. That's why Sony wants SACD to succeed and it's why Panasonic? Pioneer?? (I don't remember) wants DVD-A to succeed. It's more about money than it is good sound.

And I'm not positive, but I do believe that there is a technical difference between DVD and's not just the sampling rates. I *think* that's why DVD-A and SACD digital signals can't be output to a regular external would have to be a special DAC that's suited to that particular format (and some people they don't output the digital signal to prevent copying, which is probably true too).