Dad likes my Infinity Kappa8's, What's similar?

What's similar without the headache? I wouldn't wish the amp compatibility issue on anyone. My father downsized his system drastically when he retired. He's ready for floorstanding speakers again. I am trying to build him a simple system, starting with the speakers. His room is large, but there is little room for speakers or componentry. Narrow profile is important. He likes vinyl. Musical tastes include Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, etc. The system should rock tightly. If I could, I'd get him set up with Monitor Audio speakers and a Musical Fidelity integrated amp. The budget is just too modest for that. Looking for suggestions on speakers primarily, and amps secondarily. Thanks

Boston Accoustics are thin and good for Music plus HT and pretty cheap
There are a couple posts about this so you may find a lot out by looking through old archive threads. I'd go with the Totem Arro's (can be had for 550-700 used) and maybe the audio refinement integrated (there's one on sale on agon for 475) but then you need an outboard phono. There's a rega brio with an MM phono stage for 420, that should be a fine match with the Arro's. Throw in a decen IC and you've got the whole thing for a grand which is modest, but you didn't specify an amount so hope this isn't still too pricey.


Maybe something in the NHT line? Narrow front profile and tight rockers for sure. Lots of different options at different price points.
Thanks for the responses. I'm still searching for something locally. I've come across some interesting Klipsch KLF series, and JBL's. I just don't know which are great classics and which are dogs. Any further comments would be appreciated. -Garrett
If you go Klipsch,go for the older stuff. Forte,Chorus,and Cornwall sound quite good. The newer stuff is not the same.
OK Thanks again for the comments. I've gotten things tidied up a bit. The source is a Yamaha PF-1000 turntable(circa 1985). I like it a lot. Pioneer A-27 integrated amp(circa 1981). I also like it a lot. So, finally, the speakers. I am looking for speakers from the 80's. Classics that will do Tattoo You justice. My father likes long speaker wire runs and I don't want him to feel under-powered, so I'd imagine that to make sure that the speakers are relatively efficient. His placement options will be limited by decorative sensibilities, so... I have other ideas, but I feel I've rambled. Oh, yeah, $500. Thanks very much.

$500 and the 80's and liking your Kappa 8's = RS IIIa's as far as I would say. They are about 13" wide 10" deep and 4' tall with 2 10"s, a Polydome and an Emit. They are easy to drive because the woofers are in series and placement is pretty flexible because of the Polydome's wide disbursion. You just have to see if the woofers have been or need refoaming when you find a pair. Happy Hunting and Super Listening, JAY
There is a pair of Paradigm Studio 60 v.2 here on Audiogon that would work well. No, I do not know the person selling them.
Used Joseph Audio. I have owned a set of kappa 8 since new. In that same range I would defintely look at the Joseph or Celestion SL 700.