DACT stepped vs. TKD continuous attenuator?

Any comments on replacing a DACT Stepped attenuator (CT2) with a TKD (2500 series) continuous one?

Will there be a big degradation in sonics as a tradeoff for the finer adjustments of this volume control?

Is channel imbalance an issue, since TKD only promises +/- 2.5db matching at 42db attenuation? (I do need that much attenuation and I have no balance control.)
The TKD is good the DACT vastly better as far as sound quality

My opinion

I had them both in my Audio Note Kits M3 Pre amp. I felt the Dact was the better choice for sound quality. If you are still looking for a very good attenuator (bested the Dact IMHO) look at the Acoustic Dimension 41 stepped Attenuator. The price was about the same as the Dact and you have 17 more steps for attenuation.

Good luck