DACs with volume control ?

Other than the Benchmark and Bel Canto, does anyone know of DACs with volume control? Anyone found that adding [ back] (after trying this experiment) a pre is actually beneficial ?
I have owned quite a few dacs with volume control: Ensemble hi dac, wadia 521, msb power dac, bel canto dac 3. I liked the sound better when not using a pre with all of the dacs i listed. Other dacs with volume controls: Theta gen VIII 2, esoteric D-70 and msb dac 3.
Weiss DAC2 (mk2) with digital vol contr - but 5 different outputlevels so you can listen at 90-100% digital at your favourite volume
In latest issue of Audio Advisor there is a DAC from Music Hall that can function as pre-amp. Volume control of course. $600 I think. MH seems to have reputation for quality. Maybe comparable to level of Parasound, Rotel ect... I've never used MH myself. Good luck.
logitech transporter which is also a wireless music streamer, some of the dacs pacific valve sells (too many to list) have volume and other preamp functions too...many many options out there.