dacs in preamps

There are those who use dacs direct. There are those who use a dac with a preamp. This leads one to believe that dacs in preamps can always be bested. It also means another pwr cord, set of cables and another box on the shelf. I don't do vinyl. I don't have a tape. I don't do cd's. My preamps purpose, unless I'm wrong, is simply to provide a home theater pass thru. The question then is, what suggestions might there be for preamps that have outstanding dacs and also allow passthru or how to go dac direct and still utilize the system for theater?  I think I asked that right.
Well, lots of people have experienced that preamps can alter the sound in a positive, or negative way, so the idea that it is just a pass through doesn't work for me.
Honestly, if that were the case, your HT processor would be just fine alone.

Maybe what you need is something like a Mytek Brooklyn? It's got modest preamp capabilities, and can be an HT pass through.
Or a Benchmark DAC3...
PS Audio Gain Cell DAC/preamp.

it could help if you mention what you can spend and what you are looking for apart from the 'pass thru' facility in this upcoming possible new preamp.

AVM PA 8.2 is a fully modular preamp which uses boards/components that as optional items simply plug in and out as desired. google it and you will find a link to the stereophile review from a couple months back.

I heard it at a recent Audio Expo locally and was duly impressed.

its a tad pricey at $8K or so in std config. if one adds on many options. one being a tube output stage which interests me greatly. it is as well the most expensive module of the bunch too at $3400.

it doesn't take long to get near $20K or so either when adding on more cards/modules. but maybe you only need one, or none for that matter.

good luck.
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