DACs for Portable Listening

We are out of town visiting the wife’s family.  I had some insomnia last night and spent time listening to my iPad and my Sony Portable High Rez Player thrum my OppoPM3 phones.
  What is the best recommendation for a portable DAC that will work with both devices?  Dragon Fly?  Oppo’s little cell phone like device?  Something else?  Would like to keep it around $300
I had both the dragonfly and oppo’s cell phone looking device.  I didn’t much care for the dragonfly, but that is because I expected too much from the amp section, which is very limited.

i was impressed by the oppo amp, but in the end went with the chord mojo to Power my Audeze sine headphones, which are quite similar to your oppos.  

Here is is a review that I wrote:


Good Luck!
I have both the AQ Dragonfly and the TEAC HA-P50 portable headphone amps/DACs

the TEAC is better sonically BUT it’s a LOT more money (.....like 3X......). For yeoman quality perfomance on a budget...the AQ Dragonfly ...highly recommended

One thing that is NOT highlighted in the reviews below, is that the new "RED" vs new "BLACK" is very headphone dependent as to which you may prefer.

With my over-ear portable Master & Dynamic MH40’s the "new" BLACK had a deeper lower register and an incrementally better overall pleasing performance....and its cheaper! By contrast my portable BEYERDYNAMIC portable over-ear cans preferred the RED......Go figger.

The M&Ds are a better set of cans .......hmmmmm

in any case:




I’ve read several of the reviews of the Dragonfly but don’t recall if there were comparisons to the Oppo.  I will also check out the Mojo