DACs and Master Clock

What DACs (for less than $2k) have good master clocks to reduce jitter? Would they all benefit from an external master clock? Thanks.
Even much more expensive DACs than this do a poor job of reducing jitter, and virtually none of them are immune to incoming jitter.

You are much better off to buy a $1k-1.5K DAC and then add a low-jitter USB interface or reclocker (if you are using a transport, Sonos Apple TV etc..) These feed the DAC a low-jitter signal allowing it to perform well. The jitter of the source is actually more important than the DAC.

In TAS Steven Stone has written a number of DAC reviews over the past 3 years, all comparing these to his Weiss 202 reference ($8K). In most cases, he concluded that less expensive DACs sounded virtually identical to his Weiss if they were driven from a low-jitter digital source.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio