DAC without power switch - alternative?

Is there an alternative to simply pulling the plug (which I am not fond of regarding mechanical wear over the years) to get your DAC - which has no ON/OFF switch - off the mains? I'm running pretty sophisticated PC cables and would hate to see a simple switch in bewteen the wall and the DAC.
Can anybody help, please?
This kind of DAC is designed to be left on all the time. Why do you want to turn it off?
Thanks Sidssp for your fast response. Well, this DAC is fed by a PSAudio PowerPlant which should be on then all the time, too. Too much heat (the PS300 gets really hot), too much waste of energy?
Why don't you use the power switch on the power plant to turn it off? That's what I did with my DAC64 that didn't have an on/off switch of its' own.
Thanks Thsalmon! The PS300 wants to have the units plugged in to it switched on AFTER the PS itself is switched on. Otherwise there can be a very nasty repeated flipping of the internal relais which the 27ix doesn't like at all - goes into MUTE mode.
As you don't want to touch the power chain going *to* the dac, an option is to install a heavy duty (hi amp) switch after the IEC receptacle on the dac... messy affair! And yes, do AVOID plugging units into an empty PS (i.e. one that's off).
At the end of the day, it seems best to leave these things on, despite the inconvenience!
Most if not all DAC's are by design meant to be left on. It avoids heating and cooling of the circuitry and provides for instant warm sound. As any serious listener will tell you any equipment will sound better after a warm up period. A number of high end equipment has a "standby/sleep" mode where power is maintained to the unit but at lower operating cost. DACS in particular require warm up time to do their best. I would leave it alone.