Dac with volume control and HT bypass

I know the DAC 2 from Wyred4Sound has Bot volume control and HT bypass. Ayone know of othernhi quality DACs that have both ??
HT Bypass? Those are usually analog sources and most DACs have digital inputs. OTOH, as long as you can set the VC at a fixed point for any analog input, it should suffice.

Benchmark DAC1Pre
Benchmark dac 1 pre doesn't have this. I know why the OP is asking as I am looking for the same thing. Only other unit I know of is Audiolab 8200cdq.
Bel Canto Dac 2.5?
Bel Canto DAC2.5 & DAC3.5VB both have this feature.
Bladelius Embla Full version has it too ...