DAC with USB recomndations sought

First off Dasha is the name of my Russian Blue cat – she is the epitome of a princess, charming all who encounter her. Second point I live in New Zealand.

An unpleasant halving of my finances and the “disappearance” of the audio system has me in a frustratingly financially limited rebuilding phase.

 For unknown reasons my room eats bass, have previously trialled and owned a number of speakers, amps and sources. What seemed to work well was a Bada HD23 through the supplied DBX into the power amps and finally the Emerald Physics CS2 open baffle speakers. A recently purchased pair of Krix (Australian manufactured) 3 way closed box (Unported) speakers has restored the missing bass.

Current system is Sony spinner, Music Labs digital processor (Commercially orphaned Australian supplier) SPL pre-amp, McIntosh 2255 power amp and Tannoy Arden 2 speakers.

For many months, I had used an Eastern Electric Mini Max DAC, had swapped the OP amps in the MiniMax for Burson (A supplier to be avoided) and was still dissatisfied with the presentation. Lind: The Music Labs was purchased “blind” and has totally changed the presentation, gone is the “HI FI” forward mids and trebles – now at last I have music.

I am seeking a DAC that has USB connectivity. New or used is not an issue. The DAC will need to be able to operate on a 230v 50hz power supply. Have US, UK and Chinese freight arrangements. I have a local import tax threshold of around US D $320 that I would like to avoid. Able to reach a little more than the previous figure for a good DAC. Musically the DAC must present bass well without a hint of harshness in the upper regions.

Your recommendations appreciated



Check out Schiit. Based in Utah, they can configure a DAC for your power and have a model in your price range. I can assure you even their entry model is musical.
+1 @gdnrbob read my mind. They have a loyal following among the headfi crowd which is filled with global buyers w/varying voltage requirements. Their value translates to any language. Cheers,