DAC with the best midrange ever.....

Please keep this topic straight to the question and try not to go off tangent. I am very specific with this need.
Most musical and melodic dac, I DONT LIKE the new benchmark dac even with all the rave out there that much but I liked the Musical Fidelity A324 dac.
The Audio Aero Capitol was nice but I prefered the SONY SCD1 even though its much older. I am a huge analog fan...
This should give you an idea as to what I am actually trying to find if you have had any of the mentioned units.
Since I have no fiduciary (look that one up) interest in the product, please tell your audience where the problem lies.

Thanks in advance.

PS- You forgot the question mark so my answer is, "very poor".

Please the numerous pontificating pompous responses over the years certainly precludes any legitimate arguments to your request. I know your supercilious dogma is near impossible to control, but just go to the latest,once again subsequent vituperate snippet. Once again stay the course, Bill ?????
You should be ashamed that you call yourself a professional audio reviewer.<<

"Professional?", that's funny

Need we continue to amuse ourselves with your chicanery.
Wait a minute I forgot the question mark ?
I agree with the no oversamplic votes. I have a simple 2.1 Audionote DAC that has had it's diodes switched out to fabulous sounding Shottkeys. That is important. The sound is way scary real.