DAC with remote for input select?

Does anyone make a Dac that allows you to sit in your chair and select input?
I have a 2ch system that includes TV, Sat Rec., DVD recorder, and DVD player. I need to use dac output from Sat rec, in order to be able to run RCAs to TV and DVD recorder. Doesn't allow me to run a feed to my integrated.
I'm thinking it would be nice to run both the Sat Rec and the DVD recorder to the dac but I'm too lazy to have to get up and switch on the DAC itself. Not to mention the # of times I bounce from one to the other,
I'm thinking the DAC industry should be able to include a $5 remote ( doesn't have to do much) with there product.
Does anybody make a relatively inexpensive dac that comes with a remote
Audio Aero Prima dac (now discontinued) is a preamp also, and has both digital and analog inputs, and a remote that lets you switch between inputs. I have been told that their new Capitole dac that is replacing the Prima will have the same abilities when it comes out.
What about this:


It autoswitches, so you not only don't need to get off the couch, you don't even have to exert finger pressure on a remote.

I also have multiple inputs on my dCS gear switchable via remote, although only one of each flavor (RCA, BNC, AES/EBU).
This one also does it:

I modded this one. None of these switches are really audiophile quality. They will add considerably to the jitter. I had to gut the entire thing and start over.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I have a Bel Canto EVO2I integrated that only accepts RCA analog inputs, so the switchers wont work since they output another spdif output. I'm thinking a dac with RCA outputs that I can run into my integrated. I could feed it the signal from sat, dvd rec, etc.Then use remote for dac to switch.
Thanks for help---I do like the autoswitcher
Wow, never thought anyone would ask!

Yes, a few years back a small company from Berkeley CA named Nirvis (www.nirvis.com) made a digital switching device called a DXS (input configurable up to 16 input, SPDIF, Coax, AES, etc.)

I don't think they're in business anymore, but you might find one used online. It actually auto-switches/senses when it senses activity on one of its digital inputs (Ie: play) and comes with a remote control.

This unit could simply be put on the front side of your DAC for remote switching.

You could also get tricky with Behringer's very cool Ultramatch (a pro 'swiss army-knife' of digital conv. boxes -- and cheap) and use a MIDI command to do the remote switching. Pretty complicatd, but would work.

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Guess I'm not sure what you are after--I thought you said DAC with switchable input? You could put the coax digital audio switch before the DAC--i.e., run Sat, dvd, etc. into the switch and then to any DAC that takes a coax digital in and outputs analog out...

There are a number of DACs that have switchable inputs--my dCS Delius, for example. My old Theta has 3 inputs (but no remote), think the levinsons, the bel cantos, all have switched inputs. Not many of the inexpensive ones have this feature, but that is why I suggested the coax switch--probably easier to add the functionality outside the DAC.

If I'm totally misunderstanding, the other possibility is looking into the matrix switchers (i.e., 8 inputs, 3 outputs) by Key Digital and others...