DAC with multiple inputs

Looking for a dac, $5-800 used, with multiple digital inputs. Would like the benefit of dac with my cdp and cable box for music but price constraints limit me to one unit.
Monarchy DACs have mulitple inpute, are very good, and be found used for $250 and up. Beautiful and great build quality. Very analog sounding.l
I don't know you CDP but, you could sell it to get a few more buck and go with the Quad CD-Pre. Has two or thing digital inputs, the player and a built in pre. Used about $900.
Hi jamesw20 - I use the North Star DAC which meets my input needs very well. It has four inputs including coax/spdif, either another coax/spdif or toslink, AES/EBU and I2S. The unit sounds great and looks great to boot. Also, if you later want to get a new transport, there is a matching transport which also works great and looks great. I use the DAC to power the transport, a HTPC and my DirectTV satellite box/hd tivo. You should be able to pick up the DAC for around the $800 mark or less.

First verify that you cable box will output a digital signal that is compatable with an external DAC. Many won't output PCM. For instance, my last 2-3 STBs only output Dolby Digital. For music, it comes out as a Dolby Digital 2-0 signal, so my DAC won't work.

Eldarado's suggestion of the Quad CD-P is a good one. This is an excellent one box player that has 6 digital inputs and it also has a built-in remote volume control. You can replace your CD player, DAC and Pre-amp with the Quad CD-P if you only use digital PCM sources.


The CAL Alpha (used for $400-600) has four digital inputs, switchable from the front panel -- coax, balanced, toslink and AT&T fiber optic. Sounds great too, especially when using the balanced input. I'd love to try out the AT&T input but I've yet to find such a cable.
I have Comcast cable with Music Choice digital music channels.....will not play through my DAC.