DAC with Home theater bypass

Can anyone recommend a decent DAC about 1-4 years old which contains HT Bypass?
I've not heard of this being a common feature in a DAC. Are you sure you don't mean a preamp or integrated? That feature is relatively more common there.

The Parasound P7 has multi-channel inputs, so you can run a processor or DVD/BluRay player through it.


If you do not use analog inputs, several dacs are available which have a volume control.  This eliminates the need for a preamplifier.  I have a wadia 321 which does this however does not have HT bypass.   I think the (Wyred for Sound)  Dac 2 is an example that also has HT Bypass and volume.    A preamplifier containing a dac would also work.  The Peachtree Grand Pre is an example that has a dac, preamp and ht bypass.  I'm just surprised there seemingly are not more to choose from.
My Benchmark DAC2 HGC has Home Theater Bypass as well as a Digital Pass-Through. Their newer DAC3 also has these options. You can DL the manuals at: www.benchmarkmedia.com
My Benchmark DAC3 also has Home Theater Bypass it is very useful - you can listen to the DAC powering the main front stereo speakers directly (via a power amp) for optimal stereo music sound and then switch to your lower quality 7.1 system with its DSP preamp (I use Onkyo Pr-Sc5509) for a movie or concert with the DAC in bypass mode (the D to A being done by the DSP for all speakers and with the DAC providing analog unity gain to just the front stereo speakers)

The DAC 3 was released late last year - so it meets your criteria of a recent DAC. It measures better performance than anything else on the market but whether it sounds right for you is only something your ears can decide.
Ahhh, so really we are talking DACs with built in preamps. :)

Not sure if the Myteks will do this conveniently.