DAC with digital pass through? Know of any?

I'm hoping to find an DAC with a digital pass through as well as the usual analog outputs, if there is such a beast. I know its probably not the most usual request but it will work for my current situation. I definitely need to stay in the entry-to-mid-level pricing structure. I have looked at most of the manufacturers that come to my mind but no luck so far. Thanks in advance. Chris
Check out the Accustic Arts Dac 1 any versions, I believed they got what you want.
Hello SeaStar,

It is nice to know that there are many products not paid any attention to, simply because they are not expensive enough to gain any credibility. The audio market (thankfuly) is just slap full of them. Here is one of them (and it is perhaps just what you may need).


INPUTS: 3 digital co-axle / 1 Toslink

OUTPUTS: 1 (pair) L/R Stereo analog outputs
1 (one) BNC digital output

INPUT SELECTION automaticaly adjusts (and locks) for: 32K/44.1K/`48K

INPUT SELECTION is via: pushbuttons on the front panel and there are (green) LED's signifying the sample rate.

Over the years, I have owned 3 of these. They were about 300.00 (or so) new... around 1995. I bought one (new) then and used it with a variety of players. I even used it with an original Rega Planet. The sound was similar to the Rega, but slighly drier and a bit more natural. At times I prefered the AMC. I have since sold it and have had a couple more come and go in trades. They are a "very" good quality, very good sounding and reliable DAC. They are also one of the most multi-funtion units that I have the pleasure to use.
This may just be what you need. It is a good DAC with a "DIGITAL OUT" (via a BNC connector).

Or ... Would just a "splitter" (or perhaps a "Y" help you ? You could then use any other DAC "without" a the need for a digital out.

The AMC DAC-8 is usually about 100.00 (+/- 25.00) on the used market. Worth every penny. Good to have around just as a back up.

Thanks for the suggestions! I will do some searches and see what info I come up with. I hadn't thought of a splitter so I may look in to that as well. Chris