DAC with defeatable upsampling

Looking for some help with a DAC. I would like to upgrade my DAC to something that offers some user adjustable parameters. I would like to be able to turn on and off upsampling to determine which sound I prefer with different recordings at different bit rates. It would also be nice to be able to change filter settings. The DAC can be based on tubes or SS. It may be a tall order but I was hoping to stay under $1,000.
I use a Ric Schultz-modified Behringer DEQ-2496. With the DAC, new analog output stage mod, linear power supply, new DAC chip and new clock mod would be about $1k, maybe less. Switchable between 96k and NOS. Selectable dither settings as well, not to mention a 10-band/channel digital parametric or graphic EQ. I have all but the clock mod, which I plan on in the near future. The sound is excellent.