DAC with analog input ?

Hello .

I am looking for a DAC that has analog input.

My cd player/Yamaha cd s1000 specify analog out to play SACD or DSD.

The amp is Rogue Sphinx V3 .Budget is around 1200 dollars, new or used.

Thoughts or ideas?

Thank you .



Essentially you are looking for a “digital preamp”.  They are to numerous to mention 

I’m sorry what? You do not want a DAC you want a preamp. Preamp takes the analog output from the player, boosts the signal, adds volume controls and prepares the signal for your amplifier.


Typically if you want high quality sound the preamp should be the best component in your signal path.

I believe you already have everything you need. You have an integrated amp - Rogue that has all analog inputs (no internal DAC). Your Yamaha CD/SACD player connects to the Rogue integrated amp via a pair of analog RCA interconnects.

Put an SACD in the Yamaha, hit play. Same as a CD.

Are you trying to improve the sound quality of the Yamaha CD/SACD player by adding an external DAC? Or do you just want to play SACDs with the equipment you already have?