DAC with 4 S/PDIF inputs

My living room setup has four sources: cable box, Blu-Ray player, PS3 and Sonos. Right now, I am using a rather complex combination of electronics in order to link them all up to my speakers (Merlin VSM-MX). There are two issues that force this arrangement. First, the Merlins only sound their best when the inputs are run through the BAM, and my BAM is single-ended only. Second, I have an integrated amplifier, so I can't hook up the BAM between a pre-amp and amp. In short, I need a single signal path that can be switched between the sources and the amp.

Right now, the approach that I am using is this:

1. The cable box won't output PCM through the digital outputs, so I need to take the analog output and use an ADC to convert it to a digital signal (coax S/PDIF).

2. The Playstation 3 has a Toslink output only.

3. The Sonos and Blu-Ray player offer both coax and Toslink options. I am using the Toslink for both of these.

4. The three Toslink outputs are run through an A/V switch so I can switch between them.

5. My DAC (CIAudio VDA-2) has a switch to go between the coax and Toslink inputs.

I'd prefer to simplify this arrangement if possible. I'm looking to see what DACs have either four S/PDIF inputs (including at least one coax and one Toslink input) or three S/PDIF inputs (including at least one Toslink) and an analog pass-through. I'd also prefer it have a remote control, but it's not strictly necessary.

The options I know about that meet these requirements are:

Wyred4Sound DAC-1 and DAC-2
Meitner Audio MA-1
Weiss Medea

Does anyone know of any other options out there? I am just interested in knowing what options are available, so price is not a concern just yet.

Thank you.
Antelope Zodiac has two Toslink and two Coax
Second the Zodiac. Two analog inputs with volume control also. The top of the line Zodiac Gold also has remote volume control.
The Bryston BDA-1 has a bunch of inputs. The Rega DAC has 2 coax, 2 optical, and a USB.

Two great DACs in two different price ranges. Not sure if any DACs have an ADC in them.

Rather than taking the digital output from your cable box, XBox, and Blu-Ray player, does your TV have a digital output (most likely optical) that'll output PCM? I'm thinking maybe that'll output a digital audio stream of anything connected to it? A little experimentation may answer that.
The Blacknote DAC30 has 4 coaxial, 2 Async USB and some other thing as well. It has 4 tubes in the output stage and comes with a remote to change inputs and has a volume control if you want to use it. Practically a "Swiss Army Knife" of DACs.
I had forgotten about the Zodiac. Yes, that does look like an interesting option.

I also noticed that the Bel Canto DAC 2.5 has one Toslink, 2 coax, and an analog pass-through.
Get a good switching box.... I've used the following Inday product for years and can't be happier. Check out http://www.inday.com/da4x/da4x.htm.