DAC w/Airport Express

Just wondering if anyone has any experience using a DAC with Apple's Airport Express?
It is not great, but okay for background music with a good toslink glass cable. With a reclocker it can be as good as a good transport.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
It is much better than "okay for background music"

Depends on how your DAC handles jitter and how sensitive you are to it. I used one with great results with an Altmann DAC with Jitter reduction circuit. I am reconfiguring my system and hope to try a reclocker soon.
This may seem like a stupid question so please forgive my ignorance. I just hooked up an airport express and think it sounds pretty good given what it is but obviously would like to improve it a bit.

So my questions is are you coming out of the airport into the DAC and then into your pre-amp. I am currently comming out of the airport with a monster cable directly into my pre (aux2 input).


Yes, that would be the standard route: AE -- DAC -- Preamp. Some DAC's have a built in volume control, which would then negate the need for a preamp. (Benchmark DAC, among others).