DAC vs Tube CDplayer

My modded Cayin cd17 Mark 1  the guts of the unit,look far superior build/parts vs any DAC I've seen up to $6K+. When I finsihed modding  my Shanling CD3000, both the Cayin and the Shanling will out shoot any DAC on the market.
I am old timer and stay what is proven. I never fell for this DAC thing. 
$6K for something that weighs less than 5 lbs witha  few tiny chips, = no thanks

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" I never fell for this DAC thing. "
What do you mean by "this DAC thing"; and how does "this DAC thing" not present itself in your cd players since they have DACs?

" both the Cayin and the Shanling will out shoot any DAC on the market. "
What DACs have you actually compared these two units to; and in what specific ways have these two units bettered each specific DAC?
Yeah, this new-fangled digital streaming nonsense is obviously going nowhere, so why even bother with a stupid DAC?  Good call. 
I am missing the point of this post entirely? And why the link to the PS Audio review? And why no pics of your modifications if they are so great?
You could always add some lead fishing weights to the DAC to make the price more digestible.
what a joke 

or a tragedy

dunno which
And why no pics of your modifications if they are so great?


My YT channel has lots of vids showing off the Cayin/Mundorf/Sparkoslab Descrete opamps in action. 
btw the addition of the 4 Takman Rey's really opened up the Mundorf and Andrew Sparks opamps to sing <<gloriously>> Its likea  dam ina water water,,or bettera  filter,, Jadis employed the best res they could find back in pre 2000 in the DPL,,but along came takman with their <<high Fidelity>> Rey's.
now note the sony cam has a crappy internal mic,,but trust me, the Rey's really brought another level to my system, Words are heard super clear, bass tight,  more open soundstage
The Sparkoslab ops could not work their magic til i upgraded the  Stock Jadis metal oxide res to the <<Takman Rey Metal>>
Each component added needs backup support or the magic will  not FULLY BLOSSOM
Are you following?? I told you guys months ago, my objective is to take audio into the 21st C with  the goal being <<High Fidelity>> (Old Philips lab term from the 70's = still valid)
And all you guys jumped on the DAC/stream band wagon,, Why dump the tube cd player??? 
I never fell for the stand alone DAC/Streamer thing.
Never will, 
What a ridiculous post! I’m an old guy too, but I would hesitate to criticize products that I haven’t, at least, tested. Your statements make NO sense. Just because you didn’t "fall for the stand alone DAC thing" doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. I didn’t believe it until I tried it, but now I’m a believer in stand alone DACs. I am sure that my criteria would NOT be that my CD player weighed more than a DAC, so it must have more value. Ridiculous!

I fell for the 'stand alone thing'. Purchased a Audio Mirror Tubadour III tube DAC. Makes even an inexpensive Cambridge transport sounds wonderful.