DAC vs. Single Unit Player

I've got an Acurus ACD 11, the transport everyone seems to be impressed with. I'm considering replacing it or adding a DAC and recommendations are welcome and appreciated. The rest of the system includes a Classe CAP-100, Spica TC-60's, and Synergistic cables (speaker and interconnect). FYI, I listen to a lot of analog on my Planar 25 and Magnum Dynalab FT-101A. My musical tastes include everything under the sun. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
I have an Accuphase DP-75 and am VERY impressed with the almost analog sound! It can also be used as a DAC for other sources AND has a remote volume control! I guess it's been replaced with the DP-75V which can decode the newer formats and has up-sampling...but it is pricy! If you're not interested in the "NEW FORMAT" hype and B.S. I would HIGHLY recommend hunting for a used DP-75
There are so many really good single box units today that it takes some major investments to upgrade the system beyond what they offer.

Also consider the fact that you then need 2 quality powercords and to get the most from a Dac and Transport a really high quality digital cable since the separates can only be as good as the cable between them - - major expense.

Excellent one box players on the market. Sim Eclipse $5200,
Audio Aero $6000, Mephisto 2 $7500, Accuphase DP 75 V $11,000, Alchemist product 8 24/192 $2400, and the best value in my opinion is the EMC 1 with 24/192 upgrade for $5000 a 50 lb beast that is as good as all the above mentioned players and perhaps a touch better. It does not have volume controls as the Accuphase or the Audio Aero but I do not consider volume controls to be a positive feature.

Hope this helps.